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Protection password library [Feature Request] (1)
Seadrive - password protect app start / encrypt folders [Feature Request] (1)
Previews for share links [Feature Request] (2)
DEPARTMENT FILTER for LDAP SYNC [Feature Request] (14)
Tree view partial sync of library [Feature Request] (3)
Use ONLYOFFICE and Collabora Online with share links [Feature Request] (7)
Photo upload and encryption [Feature Request] (14)
Basic search feature in CE - Business model [Feature Request] (8)
Seafile-Client: Set sync automatically on hold when a mobile network is used [Feature Request] (4)
Seafile server on arm64 (aarch64). - WORKING [Feature Request] (8)
Universal URIs ("links") for all clients [Feature Request] (1)
Templates for OpenOffice / LibreOffice [Feature Request] (11)
Web GUI .mov file playback [Feature Request] (10)
Synchronize servers on different sites [Feature Request] (2)
API enhancements [Feature Request] (3)
Deactivate Home Logo Link in shared links [Feature Request] (6)
Auto OCR for PDF and other documents feature [Feature Request] (4)
Full text search in seadrive [Feature Request] (4)
Upload File Type restriction [Feature Request] (1)
Indicator for libraries on hold [Feature Request] (1)
Improving security (U2F) [Feature Request] (6)
Live photos support for iOS [Feature Request] (8)
SeaDrive Cache proxy server [Feature Request] (7)
iPhone X Support [Feature Request] (15)
Option to autodelete files when link expires [Feature Request] (1)
Force Saving OnlyOffice [Feature Request] (3)
Ignore/Exclude Files [Feature Request] (1)
How to configure seafile 6.2 to display all file activities? [Feature Request] (3)
Please add "create new folder" when sharing to the Android app [Feature Request] (1)
Photo categories in library for iphone [Feature Request] (1)