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Feature request - avatar picture from LDAP [Feature Request] (5)
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File and folder count in web UI [Feature Request] (6)
Seafile for Synology [Feature Request] (6)
Show EXIF information for images [Feature Request] (12)
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Admin and End-User documentation [Feature Request] (7)
Seafile user help translation [Feature Request] (3)
General Data Protection Regulations and Imprint Links [Feature Request] (2)
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Context (explorer) menu on Seadrive [Feature Request] (1)
Seafile server on arm64 (aarch64). - WORKING [Feature Request] (6)
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Seaf-import.sh only available when server is stopped [Feature Request] (3)
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SeaDrive 0.9.2 installer - please do not force reboot without asking user [Feature Request] (7)
Email notification new client connexion [Feature Request] (3)
Seahub: Plugin Infrastructure for Web Interface [Feature Request] (10)
Add navigation pane entry on the Windows Explorer for the "wktree" [Feature Request] (7)
Block user access to library history [Feature Request] (2)
Synchronization status of libraries [Feature Request] (4)
Ability to share files with users of other servers [Feature Request] (4)
Advanced search in Pro edition [Feature Request] (1)
Sitemap of all folders [Feature Request] (2)
Usage statistics on directories managed by Seafile [Feature Request] (1)