0.94 windows 10 I/O error on copying lots of files

Copying around 5.5K files ~8GB from Seadrive to the local SSD caused the copy operation to fail several times with I/O error.

Copying with ultracopier and then retrying would work.

Server runs seafile 6.3.2 - Data dir is on LizardFS on slow storage (7200rpm spinning disks) - looking at the server in top I could see high Iowait.

What I suspect is happening is something times out to quickly and doesn’t retry automatically before returning an I/O error to the file copy operation.

What can you find in seadrive.log?

lots of I/o errors.

Edit: @Jonathan I’ve emailed them to the contact address, I’m happy to share them with the developement team but I don’t want to post them to the entire forum.

How do you copied the files? With Ctrl-C Ctrl-V on Windows? I tested with a large photo folder, the photos are downloaded basically one by one. There is no much pending IO operations on the client and there is no IO errors.

Your IO errors is caused by too many concurrent copy operations on the client. The seadrive client only have 3 threads to fetch files. So if you have many concurrent read operations pending, some of them will time out.

Originally with copy/paste but then with ultracopier as I could retry the failed ones at the end.
I do wonder if the AV would have also been trying to make requests so it could scan them.