104% - did the math...wrong

I don’t know how this happened, but the seafile client 6.0.7 showed me he has 104% transfered. After some time it showed 110% and so and. After restarting the client the percentage shown was correct. I did not added any files to the synced library neither on my device nor to the servers folder.



Can you send me the seafile.log for file for analysis. And it would be helpful if you can also point out when did the problem happen so that I can locate relevant information in the log.

You can upload to https://download.seafile.com/u/d/0d2057680b/


Is this on OS X?

I reported that back here but wasn’t able to supply logs as I formatted and reloaded my computer.

I need to check if i still can access the logs because it was not my computer.

I have uploaded the log. I cannot tell the exact time, but it was some time before the second start of the seafile client. After restarting it, the percentage was correct.