16.04.01 Compatibility

Has anyone installed Seafile server on 16.04.01? Any issues with that? What about an upgrade from 14.04.5 any issues there?

have you a problem?, It’s better if you show your problem

I setup a friends server running the community version of Seafile, on 14.04, I showed him how to do the security updates via ssh and the last time he logged in it told him there was an new version available to run do-upgrade-release, which he assumed was a security upgrade, he called me while it was running under which it was pretty much to late he had run through the prompts and it was to late to stop it, so he was then upgraded to 16.04, and now Seafile will not autostart, but if you manually run the script everything works fine, the system still appears to be using Upstart instead of Systemd. Plex server still starts, Unifi Controller still starts, Unifi Video still starts it seems everything but Seafile is starting on boot. Have any tips on what to do…?

Installed sysv-rc-conf using:

sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf -y

Ran sysv-rc-conf using:

sudo sysv-rc-conf

Enabled Seafile-service to run at levels 2,3,4,5

Rebooted server all is working well again everything is starting on reboot.

I installed on 16.04.01 directly, no upgrades, but it works very well.