2FA doesn't work!

Hi all

I have 2FA for my user (which is also the admin user) enabled. It stopped working for some strange reason. I know that one of my users had trouble logging in with 2FA, but it was still possible for me at that time. I have a ntp installed and restarted the server already. I have backup codes, and these work. But what could possibly cause this problem? This way 2FA is not usable imo. Thanks for any help!


Hi silbro, welcome to the Seafile Community Forum!

Have you disabled and re-enable 2FA? If not, try it!

Thanks for the hint. I haven’t tried this for my account yet (will try later today though) but I remember trying it for the user that had problems and for him it didn’t work. Now if this did help, it still would be a bit unusable imo because if this reoccurs every once in a while it’s a bit annoying as many accounts would be affected by this. What could the cause of this problem be? Is ntp the only thing that can cause this?

I don’t understand your focus on the time server. What does it have to do with all of this?

Your report about intermittent problems with 2FA is the first of its kind, at least to my knowledge.

Well I only found one entry with the same problems as I had and there it was the NTP server causing this problem. This is why I’m asking if this is the only cause known thus far. I’m actually not focusing on the time server because I know those settings are fine.I now reinitiated the 2FA and hope this time it’ll work forever :slight_smile: