502 Bad Gateway, seahub doesn’t run


maybe someone could might help me or find a fix for this without losing any data. I think my colleague has deleted some important files in colleague Seafile-Server-6.0.7\seahub\thirdpart\django-1.8.10-py2.7.egg\django\db\backends\sqlite\base.py I cant connect to my seafile Server anymore and also the services start and from my logs seahub.log the last error was database or disk full. But I have over 100 GB free Space. So I think those paths are the problem so the connection isnt working anymore.

Have you tried reinstalling the server or replacing the missing files?

It sounds like you do not have a backup. Are the data files intact (database and blocks)?


I did after some fixing on the server bc of full disk some replacing of the missing files and yeah those were the problem as expected. It were kinda a lot but I got the cloud back to running without any data getting lost.