6.1 beta "Unhandled Exception"

First of oll, thank you all for making this possible. Seafile has grown to my favourite sharing solution because of its rock solid and fast behavior. I am looking forward for the new onlyoffice integration and tried to upgrade but always getting an unhandled exception.

upgraded from 6.0.2 on ubuntu. I am getting always

“Unhandled Exception
An unhandled exception was thrown by the application.”

only suspicious error is in controller.log: [05/14/17 10:38:07] seafile-controller.c(528): seafdav not enabled.
no errors in the logs directory whatsoever. nginx runs fine. apt-update and upgrade was done. hmmm.

maybe its only a dumb mistake i made. :smile:

Try install this python module: sudo pip install requests

you already suggested that and this module is already installed :slight_smile:

Same here. Ran into this problem after upgrading 6.0.10 → 6.1.0 (on a Rasbperry Pi B+ running Arch Linux ARM). The webserver is using Nginx 1.12.0.
It seemed to work for a brief spell after the upgrade but now it’s persistantly showing ‘Unhandled Exception’ in the browser and ‘Failed to get libraries information’ in the client.

its a bit frustrating because i still have no idea what i should looking for…
It seems like coming from djano.

I agree with you. This issue was commented on Raspberry Pi side and on Github as well. Until now, not clear which exactly python dependency or what is producing the “Unhandled exception”

ah, got it. I have overseen that ffmpeg did not install properly due to its not in the sources of 14.04 trusty. So it kind of works now, but its pretty slow. Have to troubleshoot that now :slight_smile:

Thank you!

It should run like a :rocket: , really!

sadly my vserver hoster (myvirtualserver) still has a 2.6 kernel on openVZ so i cant try onlyoffice. :worried:

Then either go for a different system or quickly setup a virtual machine :wink:
I always perform major changes inside a VM before even trying my testservers.

You mean that it kind of works after you installed ffmpeg? My Raspberry Pi B+ already had ffmpeg (that Arch package should be equivalent to ffmpeg + ffmpeg-devel) installed and it is still not working here. :v It keeps throwing ‘Unhandled Exception’.

@phil maybe you wanna try it and report :blush:

Thank you for the suggestion, @jobenvil. I tried it out now but the problem remains. The ‘Unhandled Exception’ still appears. I think I followed the instructions correctly but it didn’t help.

@phil, did you get around to try the proposed fix?

Turns out ‘requests’ was also needed but wasn’t installed. ‘pip2 install requests’ inside the correct environment did the trick. It’s working now!! Thanks for the help!