6.3 and memory problem with thumbnails video

Hi! I’ve upgraded my server and all work very well but I had a problem with 6.2 and I have the problem with 6.3 too.
If “VIDEO_THUMBNAILS” is enabled, that work BUT the memory usage increase until I need to stop the server if I don’t want it to crash! I can see dozens of ffmpeg instances.

So, what happens? A problem with my configuration (NUC + ARch linux) or a seafile problem? Is it known?

Thx and sorry for my English.


I’m seeing the same problem with my setup. I run seafile inside a docker container, and normally, it consumes less than 1GB. After enabling video thumbnails, it grows and consumes all of my 8GB of RAM memory, and never frees it. seahub.log is filled with “OSError: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory”.

I think the problem is related to ffmpeg/moviepy which does not free memory after generating the thumbnail. But that is just a guess.

Also, I use archlinux as a host os, but debian/ubuntu inside the docker environment. Maybe it is a archlinux related problem?

this problem is still present on debian 9 and seafile 6.3.7 pro, when I activate the thumbnails on the videos the server uses the 8 GB of ram until it crashes. do you have a fix for this problem?

Hi! I’m “happy” to see that some guys have the same problem. I still have this problem and I’ve no found a solution… Sorry!

this is a problem that still has no solution on github: https://github.com/Zulko/moviepy/issues/596

and here there is a fix but I do not understand what needs to be changed : https://github.com/Zulko/moviepy/pull/608

it would be nice if a person who is doing well on github could watch that