7.1.1 Pro Beta ready for production?

So the only way for pro-users to get rid of depricated python2.7 is to use the 7.1.1 beta…

I installed it on my testbench an did some basic tests, that worked fine. But I’m still to nervous to install it on my production server.
My production server has far more data and is critical for us.

I would like to understand why the 7.1.1 is still beta?
What are the knowing issues, causing this version to still be a beta?

I would assume that the Community Edition is the same stability but as its a Community Edition the users are the Beta testers. But there no-one seems to care about issues.

Nevertheless the CE is “officially” non beta with python3 support and the Pro Server is not.
So what to Pro-Users do?
Wait and hope that Python2.7 will not have any security-issues in the next weeks or upgrade to the Beta and pray that it works in production?

I’m a bit annoyed that the pro verion is not yet Python3 ready…
But maybe I just didn’t get behind the update politics behind seafile and missed some information.

Thanks for your Feedback


We will release 7.1.2 pro soon in this week. 7.1.1 should be fine to be used in your production server if you haven’t encountered any problem yet.

We have done more tests for 7.1 version under different operating system. Some fixes include:

  • The installation scripts for Ubuntu and CentOS
  • The migrate from community edition to pro edition script
  • Some small UI fixes

Currently, the built-in office preview feature have some compatibility issues on CentOS 8. We are still investigating the problem.


@daniel.pan That’s lovely news! Can I just confirm a few things, please?

  • Basically, 7.1.0 Pro and 7.1.1 Pro are both beta releases. The first stable release in the 7.1.x Pro branch will be 7.1.2?
  • (In other words :arrow_up:, upgrading from 7.0.13 to 7.1.2 would be the smallest possible migration between two stable versions, right?)
  • Will the Docker images be also available this week? My server runs Seafile in Docker, so I’d love for the Docker images be updated as well if possible.
  • How can I run the upgrade script in Docker environment? If I understand the documentation correctly, it basically says “1. stop the 7.0.13 container; 2. run the 7.0.13 :arrow_right: 7.1.2 migration script; 3. start the 7.1.2 container”, right?
    • But if I stop the 7.0.3 container, I have no environment to run the migration script in.
    • And if I start the 7.1.2 container (and attach to it with docker container exec -it files.web.1 bash), then the 7.1.2 container will already attempt to start Seafile/Seahub. Is that fine?

Sorry for many questions and thank you for answering!

PS: actually now I can see in the changelog that the latest available version in the 7.0.x branch is 7.0.14, not 7.0.13. But there’s no Docker image available for that version… Perhaps that should be released first, to ensure a smooth upgrade from the 7.0.x branch to 7.1.x?

Take your time testing, no one will die if it’s later than this week