7.1.4 CE : manage.py clear_invalid_repo_data not working

I try to use this command line :
seahub.sh python-env /opt/seablue/seafile-server-latest/seahub/manage.py clear_invalid_repo_data

It was working in the last 7.0.x version but it’s not working anymore in version 7.1.x (ImportError: No module named configparser).
Do I need to install a specific package in python3 (debian 10) for this command to work ?


Check here for the needed python staff:



I have already apt all the packages on the release page (this is a fresh install of Debian 10 with version 7.1.4). Seafile is working…

But I got the error when executing the clear_invalid_repo_data command line.


Debian 10 defaults to python2 for “#!/usr/bin/env python”.
In seahub/manage.py I changed the 1st line to “#!/usr/bin/env python3” and now it works as expected.