A few little improvement suggestions for wiki


I recently started using the wiki function which is really nice! I have just a few suggestions to improve it:

  • Use nearly full page instead of only a part of the display width without using full screen mode
  • Implement (two) more buttons, like for Coding and Quoting (The one which is here in this forum “preformatted text” and the other which is 4SPACES Text)
  • Remove one of the scroll bars because they do exactly the same and look strange
  • Maybe adding a button which acts as a hyperlink for the markdown manual

What do you think of that? Are there chances that this will be implemented in the future?

Best regards,


Since version 6.1 the Wiki module is hidden by default.
The Seahub configuration has to be modified to enable it (therefore it won’t be possible to enable it as a regular user).

From my point of view, it might mean that there will not be a lot of improvements to this module…
I personnally find it very usefull, but like you I might be one of the only ones :cry:

To enable it, you can refer to the seafile wiki :slight_smile:

I hope it will help other users…

Best regards,