A solution to "emegency backup"

Hi guys. I’m planning to use seafile for all of my familys files - meaning old family photos and videos - as an alternative to a regular samba share. However, since this is likely to be the only location for all of these valuable photos and videos, I thought it would be nice with an extra backup. Previously I’ve contemplated with using crashplan for this but I really think that the great amount of files tha seafile makes, it would not work very well in terms of performance but also in the case of my entire server going up in smoke knock on wood, I think it’d be really hard to restore everything.

Does anyone have any good suggestion? Experiences? My only idea so far have been to actually set aside one or more of the harddrives in my server to be used with the cli client, so the server also got a copy of all files in “plain files” which would be easy for crashplan to understand. However it seems like bit of a waste

I just discovered the script to mount the seafile fuse so the server actually can browse the files. Thus I could put up crashplan on this mount point? Thoughts?

Yes, you can sue the fuse mount point to copy plain files from Seafile to other place for backup.

I’ve just done this, but there are a few issues. It seems Seafile-Fuse does not do timestamps correctly - everything is 1970. I tried creating a new library since I’ve seen comments on old libraries not supporting timestamps but it made no difference.

… and maybe because of that: Since I started doing this Crashplan has more than once concluded it needs to back up the whole Seafile mount - which is a lot of gigabytes. I’m not sure Crashplan is able to figure out what files have actually changed.

are you sure? the library folders seem to be dated 01-01-1970 but the files I’ve uploaded all seem to have the right datestamp

Hmm. You’re correct in that ls -la on the filesystem shows correct dates - but the videos Emby has indexed claim to be added 1/1/1970. I’ll do more indepth checking on where things go wrong and revisit the topic.

Additionally: While Crashplan indeed at one point claimed to need to backup the whole fuse filesystem it also figured out by itself that it didn’t need to.