A users client keeps overwriting files in libraries

I had created a new user for our Seafile server,

but sine I created him, I had reports of users claiming files they had moved in folders are disappearing. I checked the snapshots of the libraries in question and can see that this new user apparently keeps mass moving / deleting files. im talking hundreds of files at a time. His client is obviously not syncing properly and overwriting files back to older versions. What could be causing this?

Edit: We are a Mac environment. The client causing issues is using v 6.1.7

Edit 2: I have the exact same problem as this forum post : Files getting randomly deleted. There was no solution that I saw there that could help me. I have had to restrict acccess to the user for the time being

Edit 3: I updated a second Mac users client to version 6.1.7 and now they seems to be mass deleting files, too so we now two users who are mass deleting very, very important documents. so many, across so many different folders, that im not even sure if ive recovered them all…

No devs around to look into this?

What are your client log files on the machines doing the mass deletion reporting?