Activities gone after upgrade to Seafile Pro 7

After upgrading from 6.3 to 7, the Activities list becomes empty. Although new changes will popup new activities, all previous activities before the upgrade are gone. Is it something expected?

This is a designed behaviour. Seafile 7.0 uses a new file activity format and new database table to store the activities.

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Is it possible to migrate the old activities entries to the new table in database?

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Well thought through software would handle this for the user automatically. Nothing new, seafile upgrades are becoming more and more like nextcloud update problems. New setups are usually no problem, but updates are. :neutral_face:



I also noticed that (after production upgrade). Quite surprising, but it will not have consequences for us.

Is it possible to DROP the old tables ?

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Please also answer to this question.

It is not possible to migrate the old activities to new table.

Because old clients will still query data from the old tables, the old tables should not be dropped now. (Maybe after all the clients upgraded to new version.)

All right (quite problematic at large scale, but we are not…)

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well, not very nice to simply have all the activities lost… it is a pro feature and then all activity log is “simply lost” with an upgrade

not only that - the new UI does not really show what’s going on - especially on the phone app



it seems there is less information readable…
why even bother to start writing the username if you have only 5 characters?

in landscape mode it does not even show more infos…

I will test on the Web UI - hope it is not as bad as in the phone

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I would also suggest that Seafile Ltd tells us how we can with a simple command at least archive the activity log to a .txt file for instance…
So we have it at least before the upgrade

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We will check the problem.