Add contacts to address book in cloud mode?

My Seafile server (6.0.8) uses the following settings:


How can I add users to the internal address book so that I don’t have to remember their mail adresses after sharing at least once to them? Shouldn’t that happen automatically?

It’s working fine when I manually edit the “contacts_contact” table.

As a feature request, it would be good when all members of a group I am a member of would be added automatically aswell.

Thanks in advance.

Does somebody know if it is a bug or a missing feature?

I think you should not disable the addressbook if you want to search users in it…


Regarding the manual, these settings do the following:

It disables the organization tab in Seahub’s website to ensure that users can’t access the user list. … Through the global address book (since version 4.2.3) you can do a search for every user account. So you probably want to disable it.

If you enable the addressbook you can search through it.

Correct me if i understood your case wrong.

I disabled the address book on purpose because I got several groups/people on my server which shouldn’t know about each other.

But they should be able to share easily with people they know. In Seafile prior to 4.2.3 you could add contacts manually so that you didn‘t have to type their mail address in every time you want to share with them.

So I would suggest

  • to show all contacts from groups you are in as you already know about their existence
  • to add all contacts automatically to the address book (respectively to the contacts_contact table) you shared at least once to


I think we could use the new feature of cutom get groups tio enable a visible global adress book (contacts) limited to the goup i belong to and to the custom groups.

I also think that the adress book should not be limited to the cloud mode (different organizations) but should be a generic feature.

What do you think, @daniel.pan ?


With the latest version, admin can also customize the user list returned for user auto-completion in sharing dialog. It is documented in the same place.

Thank you @daniel.pan

What about this Feature suggestion ?

The custom get groups is for defining the group list returned when sharing a folder. You can define a custom function custom_search_user to return the list of users in a user’s groups.

Does this mean we have to do these steps for each user individually?
Creating contact groups (sth. like departments) should be possible to mix and on a global scale.

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