Add directory and file widgets to seadroid

Like shortcuts on Windows, a widget that opens the seadroid app on a specific directory or the root of a library. Add this for files too.
Many of our users do their accounting on excel spreadsheets that they sync with our seafile server, it’d be nice if those files could be open right from the launcher and then synched back when they save it.

This can’t work with SeaDroid, because the App uses seahub instead of the API. You just can make it to downloaded files in the /tmp directory with a file explorer. But if you sync them with Syncronize Ultimate or Foldersync to a persistent directory, you could make widgets to the files.

You don’t need to sync anything with this. It’d be like opening the selected file/directory from the app.

Oh I see what you mean. The cache that seafile uses is not synchronized with the server unless the user tries to access the file again.
Well, it’d be nice if seafile could sync the file back in case it was modified, but I think that’s too much to ask ¯_(ツ)_/¯. However that does not invalidate the main point. Having a widget that opens the seafile app on the selected directory/file would be a nice thing to have.

Since the API implementation of Syncronize Ultimate isn’t the best, I think I’ll write a new sync app when I buy an Android. Maybe you have to wait a half year and remind me then for this feature, or write an App yourself.