Add file search in seafile community edition


What do you mean by bugged?

The situation with slow filetransfer should be fixed as soon as deltasync is implemented which will take quite some time from now on…

The missing filesearch and the fact that encrypted libraries leaks a lot of meta information (which is known since 2014 oder something like that) kinda pushes me towards NC…

Edit: Leaking meta information is known since 2013 (!)


For example :


Yes the sync is better on seafile, i also like it more because its not cloose as bloated as NC, but like i said… ignororing security related bugs since 6 years and missing on basic features like a filesearch does push me towards NC…

My dession isnt final yet but if the situation doesnt change in the near future, ill switch for sure.



This is pretty devastating and a strong case against using Seafile. The feature comparison specifically mentions that Full Text search is not present with CE but no search at all is a slap in the face and keeps your potential users from making an informed choice. The features list for CE should be changed to expressly state that there is NO SEARCH, not just Full Text. Obviously they know how important this is or it wouldn’t be hidden.

I’ve been using this a few days to evaluate whether or not we should migrate from another service to Seafile Pro (because full text search and other features would be really nice!) and it seemed to be checking all the boxes but this is likely a deal breaker and feels shady. Thankfully someone posted earlier that the Pro edition is lacking in this as well, so we won’t be sold into a license that won’t work, either. More shady feels.

It’s like ordering a sandwich that only comes with one kind of bread but when you get it there’s no bread at all, and when you say “Hey, where’s the bread?”, the sandwich maker admits they deceived you and has never intended to buy any. A huge trust breaker, not the best look for a secure file sharing service.


in our time software much more expensive than seafile was cracked so why you do not do the same are you stupid or stupefied since 2017 I enjoy a pro license. You choose …


Did you just call other people stupid for not using cracked software?


Just because one knows how to crack software doesn’t mean you should brag about it. Calling someone stupid within a community is also a no-go. What do you want to achieve with your post?