Add file to data

Sorry for my bad english, i need a fonctionnality but i don’t know how i can do that

i have seafile on my server, everything works but i want to work better. Sometimes i download a big file from internet ( not on my server ) and after i put this file on my seafile
Is there a way, my seafile server download the file and put into data and after i can downloaded the file from seafile, ?
I don’t want upload the file ( in France, we have no good upload )
I hope you understand my problem and may be you have a solution
Thank you

You can directly download the file to the Seafile server with the Seafile command line client using some kind of pipe command.
Would recommend to download the file to the server first /tmp and then upload to Seafile via client. Otherwise Seafile might log incomplete download parts.

Thank you
I see this page
But I don’t see how to add a file into library, i see how to sync, download a library but not to add file to library.
Thank you

Thereare two ways. You can sync library on server (but it take disk space) and just add file to this synced folder.

Second way is use Web API and Curl for upload using “”.

curl -H "Authorization: Token <your-user-token>"<library-ID>/upload-link/

Using localhost IP should be fast and not go over network so speed not depend on your internet upload