Add multiple ports in ccnet.conf


Is it possible to add several ports to be used in ccnet.conf? My goal is to make it possible to have 2 clients running at the same time on a machine, so then i assume that they must run on seperate ports. So im thinking maybe i can add one more port for the client?


I can answer my own question now that i have tested it. I did the following;

1. Added a new user in Windows
2. Edited and added ccnet.conf for the new Windows user


3. Stoped seafile server
4. Edited and added port in seafile server ccnet.conf (running server on raspberry Pi Jessie)

PORT = 13419
PORT = 13420

5. Started seafile server
6. Logged in to both clients on each user and set the settings and folders.

Everything is syncing fine. I have yet not tested a reboot.

Anyone that has any thoughts or see any issues with this?