Adding account using http to IOS client


I am new to SeaFile and have just installed the server on Windows 2012 R2, which is all working fine with the windows client. I am now trying to use the IOS client. I have downloaded and installed the client from teh AppStore, but when i try and add an account, i turn off https, but the client still has https:// on the address filed and wont let me remove it.

I either need to allow the IOS client to connect over http or find instructions for changing teh SeaFile server to use https.

Can anyone help with either please?



I also noticed changing https to http did not affect the actual URL on a custom server. On my iPhoneI managed to workaround this issue (unable to reproduce) but on my iPad I just can’t enter the correct URL. I will raise a github issue for the iOS client.

Regards, Jur