After server reboot it takes many hours for seafile to work externally


I recently moved over to a windows server 2016, I have seafile running on ubuntu and it always works great locally right away. However, anytime the windows server is rebooted (dns,dhcp) it takes many hours before the site will work externally. It seems as if it is a dns issue, but everything seems to be setup properly, especially since it will eventually work. Any ideas on how to speed up access externally after reboot?


What external DNS server do you forward to? Are you using DDNS or do you have a static IP? It certainly does sound like a DNS issue. It sounds as if your external DNS is having to repropagate every time you reboot that server.

Had to wait until the weekend to do testing, we had an issue with our ISP and had hoped that was also related to the external ip dns issue. However, it has not been resolved.
Static IP with nat inside source static to external ip.