After upgrade 5.1.4 -> 6.0.6 layout broken in web-interface

hi there,

been a seafile user for quite some time. thanks again for your brilliant work.

after upgrading our host from 5.1.4 to 6.0.6 something is strange with the webinterface. this is not the common error, where css files are not accessible from the browser.

see screenshot here:

it’s something wrong with the dimension and positioning. behaviour is the same all across all the browser platforms (tested on osx chrome, ff, safari). in this screenshot it is the position and the size of the username and password fields, as well as the linebreak of “Password (forgot password)”.

css is - as far as i can tell - fine. the upgrade-script did run without any error. nothing strange happened while upgrading whatsoever. just business as usual as with any former update/upgrade.

meanwhile i rebooted the machine hosting the site to make sure the cache in /tmp was recreated.

i went through the html on the client side, but did not find any obvious error.

before really digging into the css and js more thoroughly i thought someone may have come across this before.

anyone has an idea? how can i put more detail in this?

thanks in advance,

It is probably related to your customization of CSS.

hi daniel. thank you for your quick reply.

you are right. i removed my custom-css, afterwards everything looks just fine.

thank you,