All .MOV Files corrupt when uploaded from IOS and Windows 10

Afternoon all,

I am having a very irritating issue when i have been using Seafile client on both IOS and Windows 10 client. I first realized an issue when i was automatically uploading my Photos and videos from the I phone to Seafile server. Every .MOV file that has been uploaded is corrupt instantly. I have reinstalled the Seafile server, just in case i had miss configured something. But this hasn’t resolved an issues. I have done alot of googling and found someone having a similar issue but with Seafile behind Apache, link to other persons issue . My current config of Seafile installed on Server 2012 R2 and my clients are IOS 10 and Windows 10. If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated as i am a loss on what to do.

Kind Regards

This is a bug in the Seafile server when uploading a large file from iOS client. It has been fixed in version 6.0.2. We will release a new Windows version within a few weeks.

Alright that’s great, I assume this is the new server version you are referring. Thank you for the fast response.