All my subdomains now point to Seafile

Hello all.

So I finally managed to get Seafile installed and working. It’s backing up my data from all of my machines perfectly which is great.

However I’ve got a coupld of subdomains on the domain that seafile is installed on and they now don’t point to where they should they just point to Seafile. I imagine I’ve mucked up a config file someone, but I can’t seem to work out which one. Anyone have any ideas?

Cheers. Pete.

Please check the DNS records for your domain/subdomain. The A-Record/CNAME for the subdomain should point to the Seafile server, other entries should point to other servers/services.

Thanks for your reply

A host for the name points to my ip address
The subdomain for my seafile installation points to the same ip address.
Both subdomain and domain have had the conf files correctly placed and before installing seafile both domain and subdomain worked seperatly.

I just went in and changed a few config files to try and seperate the subdomain. I changed “MYserver” to box.MYserver" in seafile config settings.

My mail.MYserver subdomain now works again. However box.MYserver is now coming up with a 403 error. I assume because the folder box is empty.

Any thoughts on what I’ve missed?! I know it will be something simple. Cheers :slight_smile:

Which kind of reverse-proxy do you use?

Nginx reverse proxy

In the nginx vhost-config for your seafile, you have to configure, that this vhost is only responsible for your seafile-domain.

server {
listen YOUR_IP_ADDRESS:80;

Yeah, I already had that set, now works as expected

if I go to I get a 403. but if I add :8000 onto the end I can see Seafile, but cannot upload I get “unknown error” with nothing in the logs and if I try to download I get… 404

I changed the vhosts back to the original as well as changed the and ccnet.conf back to the original and now nothing works :confused: