All of my seacloud data is gone!

I am using Linux and Firefox.

I have been using seacloud for years with no problems.

Today, I went into my personal wiki, and the headers are there, but all of my data is gone.

The history says “blank file uploaded” I am certain I did not upload blank files.

I have no synced in a long time. I just use seacloud online to keep my text file.

Have you used seafile client to sync?

Did you read their TOC? There is no backup. Host it yourself and you can create backups.

I have not synced in about a year.

I am not suggesting that seafile has a legal obligation to keep my files. I was just wondering if there was anything I can do.

It is not exactly confidence inspiring that seafile’s product would let this happen. I thought that seacloud was there to let people sample their product. I am not impressed.

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I was under the impression that seacloud was no longer a thing, and that they aren’t taking any customers any longer, and that there are other hosts doing it now. Seacloud used an Amazon backend, if I’m not mistaken, and it’s possible that Amazon cleaned the data from their backend. I’ve never used seacloud as I opted to host my own server, partly due to the issue you are having. I had the same issue with Dropbox or Google Drive a few years ago (don’t remember which) and it was one of the reasons I stopped using GD or DP… They can do whatever they wish with your data and that’s part of their service agreement, which is why I left GD and DP. I lost a lot of data on one of those services, but fortunately, I had a backup.

The contents of the wiki are stored in a library, can you check the history of the library. Anyway, you can download the library, the data should not be gone.

We no longer actively maintain a long time ago. But the existing data should be fine. Since the data is stored in S3, it shouldn’t be gone suddenly.

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Thank you, the data was in the library.