Allow or prohibit syncing clients to connect

I’m administrator of a seafil server
i need to allow ou prohibit users; groupe of users or all users to connect the desktop syncing client
how can i do ??
thanks !!

would be what you are looking for. Though it is listed on the Pro Edition part of the manual, so it might not be available to you, if you are using the Community Edition

Yes it’s right
but is it possible in the Community edition
because i dont see the roles in in user list page at admin panel.​

No, this only works with the Pro Edition.

thanks !
is it possible to assign a new role “employés” to a groupe Seafile and not for each user ?
thanks !

Of course it is. :slight_smile:

Provided that you

  1. have a common criteria to distinguish between group members and other users
  2. are willing to execute a sql statement on the command line or in mysql-workbench

If you can not provide 1., a list of users will also work.