Allow regular users to create groups


We would like to know if there is a way to allow regular users to create a group? This would allow them to share their files to that group. No need for it to be a global group, but simply a “personal group”.

To allow new users access to their shared library, a new user would simply have to signup, and the existing user would add the new user to the group, and that’s all. :slight_smile:

Yes, a regular user can create a group.

I see it now. Missed that… Thanks.
And one additional question, perhaps I missed that too:
Can we also prevent signed-up users from uploading files / creating libraries, so they basically are “authenticated download-only users”?

Seafile Pro Edition supports Roles and Permissions feature, you can limit an user’s operatons by setting the user to a sepcific role.

Ah THAT is interesting. And just one more if I may…

Is there a way for a client during client-signup to indicate (perhaps using a pull down of available groups) to what group of files they are requesting access?

Sorry, I don’t quite understand you.

But you can see all group libraires in client.

We are using the web interface, to publish different sets of files (projectX/projectY) to different clients (clientX/clientY). And we allow users to signup themselves, to request access to certain files.

When clientY registers himself, we have no idea what project this person would like to download.

If there was a pulldown at registration time, containing the available projects, we would know what the client would like to access.


And…do self-registered download-only clients count for the pro-license, or just the clients who have ‘full’ (including upload) access?

No, there is no such feature in client.

Seafile calculates the number of active users for limition, not based on whether user can upload or not.

Thanks for your replies and info!