Allow Share-with-User for non-owners

Hi there,

we’ve got a self-hosted Seafile CE version 8 and would like to be able to allow other users to share a document with other users.

However, only the owner (left image) has the menu-items to do so (1). The user that the folder was shared with does not (2).

There should be a third option to share beside read-write and read-only called “owner” or “share-read-write” (3), so that someone can distinguish between allowing targeted users to share the document or folder as well.

The same behavior should apply to shared files, shared folders and shared libraries.


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I like the idea!

This option exists. The sharing permission is called “admin”.

It’s a Pro-only feature though.

@rdb I can’t find that feature in the comparison list - are you sure that this is possible with the pro version?

Found it in the online-demo, so yeah… pitty that it’s not in the CE. Forwarded that info to the client.