Amazon Cloud Drive for storage

Has anyone had success using the Amazon Cloud Drive as their storage back-end? I rsync’ed seafile-data to the ACD and tried to use the synced ACD as a drop-in replacement however I get IO errors in seafile.log when ACD tries to write to the drive. I noticed that only the user that mounts ACD can access the mountpoint but I have tried mounting it as a seafile user and as root (while starting seafile as root).


[12/17/2016 09:47:33 AM] …/common/seaf-db.c(596): Error execute prep stmt: disk I/O error.

Any suggestions or ideas are much appreciated.

edit: I found the “mount -ao” option, which is supposed to make the drive accessible to all users but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Interestingly, the directory-structure “shell” is written onto the ACD but no files other than an empty seafile.db, but when I try to login through the desktop client the seafile.log file shows:

[12/17/2016 02:13:08 PM] …/common/seaf-db.c(206): Error exec query CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Branch (name VARCHAR(10), repo_id CHAR(41), commit_id CHAR(41),PRIMARY KEY (repo_id, name)): disk I/O error.

ACD is way to unreliable as storage backend for Seafile, sometimes very slow and sometimes files didn’t successfull published. I think your problem is a timeout issue between Seafile and Cloud Storage.

If you want to use Cloud Storage, use something accessible with S3, but you need Seafile Pro for that (Free for up to 3 Users).

Hi, Thanks for your reply! After further testing and experience, I agree that it is likely a timeout issue.

I’ve also tried using rclone to copy the entire seafile directory to ACD however the OAuth token is not able to automatically renew once it expires (after 30m, it seems). I think I can overcome this, but as you’ve mentioned, it is still painfully slow to upload to acd. And if, as you said, some files don’t successfully publish, i’m just setting myself up for a huge headache down the road.

I did investigate Seafile Pro and S3, but Pro does not yet work on ARM and S3 is prohibitively expensive.

Anyway, Thanks again for your response! Have a happy new year!