Android 4.3 error install

Hello dear developers and forum users.
The trouble led me to the forum for help.
I have been using Seafile for home for several years. Everything works amazingly. But I ran into a problem on my Blackbbery Z10 mobile device.
The fact is that the mobile client runs on the Android emulator version 4.3
All mobile clients are installed and work up to version 2.2.22
But when you try to install / upgrade to newer versions, the application gives an error “Unable to install the application.” This error occurs on versions 2.2.3 - 2.2.5, for installation I use the apk file with github.
Have you disabled support for earlier versions of android?

HI Tietatter,

your Android emulator emulates Android 4.3?

I don’t know anything specific about end of support. But it would not surprise me! Android 4.3 was released in summer 2013 using API version 18. The current Android 10 uses API 29. In other words: I am dead sure that SeaDroid is not the only app that causes trouble on your - in IT years - ancient phone.

Well, updating the version of android is impossible.
You have to use Mobile Clients Version 2.2.2 for Android :cry:

You have other much more serious issues than no updates for the Seafile.

Like hundreds to thousands of vulnerabilities. Most probably including some that allow remote code execution (RCE).

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Blackberry …
Android, this is just an isolated virtual machine - player. In addition to Mobile Clients, many more applications work fine on this device. But something went wrong, earlier there were problems too, but later versions of Mobile Clients eliminated them. Perhaps now such a case…
If you have information on the vulnerability of this phone model, then I ask you to share information with me, and with others too.