Android app fails to upload Camera folder (SD located)

Hi guys,

I have a Galaxy S7 running Android N and the latest Seafile server and clients. Somehow the upload fails for the Camera folder. It creates the path in the library, but uploads nothing. Manual upload is selected, and the folders Camera and Whatsapp Images are chosen. It uploads timely every single picture in the Whatsapp Images folder, but it seems to ignore all the contents in the Camera folder. The only difference I can think of, is the Camera folder is located in the SD. However, if I manually choose a file to upload from the Camera (manual file upload, I mean), it pops the file picker from where I can easily pick the SD, the Camera folder and upload one single file manually. So…I´m not sure what’s the reason for the trouble.

Huh…this is a bit more weird than I thought: I tried choosing only the Camera folder. Then it kicked in immediately, uploading the camera pictures. I added the Whatsapp Images. It stopped to not do anything else.

So…if I choose Camera+Whatsapp, only whatsapp uploads. If I choose Whatsapp, it uploads. If I choose Camera, it uploads. But not both?? Why? It worked just fine before.

Any help/ideas? Today I repeated the process, it really seems nailed down to: If two folders are chosen to sync, it doesn’t sync anything, but if only one is chosen, then it syncs that one just fine. This only for the Android app. Is there at least a way to enable logging so we can see what’s going on?