Android App : Local Files

Hi everyone!

I just installed Seafile on my local ubuntu server to test it. I also installed the client on another laptop and on my mobile. So far, I love it! However, when I download a file on the android app I can’t find the path to the downloaded files on my sdcard… Could you please help me find them?

Thanks a lot!


It’s under /storage/emulated/0/Seafile/YOUR_ACCOUNTNAME (YOUR_SERVER)/

I can’t find this path on my file explorer… Can I download the file to another specific path?

As far as I know there is only the possibility to change the medium if you have a second SD card inserted. But you can check the cache size in the settings of the Seafile app. If you haven’t rooted your device, the cache directory should appear in the root as “Seafile” directory. By the way, it’s better to tick the reply button here in the forum because then I receive a message (that you have answered) automatically.