Android app photo upload after server down for a while

Our Seafile server was offline for about two weeks while it was physically shipped across the country. During this time my users took photos with their cell phones. The Seafile server has been back up for a while, and the Android clients can connect; however, the photos they took while the server was offline have not been uploaded.

Is this expected behavior? There have been many times the phone clients couldn’t reach the server (airplane mode, no signal, etc.), but they always uploaded their photos once reconnected.

I tried disabling and re-enabling auto photo upload on the Android clients, but that did nothing.


Auto phone upload is a mess, I would recommend using the Synchronize Ultimate App instead, it has native integration with seafile and works much more reliably.

I’m curious how Seafile should behave in this case, and if the behavior we’re experiencing is expected/“normal” behavior, and if there are any solutions.

We use 2FA, and are currently not using Seafile’s webdav server for security reasons, since it circumvents 2FA. When I try to configure Synchronize Ultimate for our Seafile server, it says it’s missing the 2FA token, and there appears to be no way to authenticate using Seafile’s 2FA. You seem familiar with Synchronize Ultimate; do you know if it’s just webdav under the hood, or is there a way to get it to sync with Seafile using 2FA?

I’m also trying to avoid having to use another app just to upload photos, and trying to avoid non-Open Source stuff in general. Also the ads in Synchronize Ultimate are highly intrusive.