Android App won't upload or download anything

I used the following instructions to install Seafile Pro on a Digital Ocean Droplet:
GITHUB: /haiwen/seafile-server-installer

Used certbot to setup https on “seafile DOT domain DOT com”.

Web app works with all functionality.
Backup client works with all functionality.
Drive works with all functionality.

Mobile has all functionality EXCEPT every upload and download fails.

Checked Storage permissions on app, and Android says it has it.

All issues I find on this topic are about a different issue, or just uploading OR downloading failing, and my config already appears to include their fixes.

Please help me, I really want this to work out.

Have you configured SERVICE_URL and SERVER_ROOT correctly? You can find them in the Preferences of the admin panel.

Yep. That did it.

Why does the web even work without that being set?

Just Up/Download doesn’t work without false settings, the WebUI does.