Android client 2.1.15 crashes on external storage

My android client always crashes, when I want to open a file with an external app (Google Drive-PDF-Viewer or Polaris Office). The happens with 2.1.15 and 2.1.14, maybe also with older versions.

However the problem only occurs, if the “Cache storage location” is set to the secondary storage (SD card). As soon as I use the internal storage, everything works fine.

My device is a Moto G(5) with the latest available Android (7.0). The sd card works fine with other apps including Polaris Office.

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will look into the problem.



Can you try the updated apk from:

Please let me know whether it fixes the problem.

Hello Daniel,
unfortunately not. Now Seafile even crashes when I use the internal storage.

Opening images with the internal viewer still works.

After upgrading from 2.1.14 to 2.1.15 on a tablet running Android 7.1.2 I encountered the same crashes every time I opened a PDF. It crashed before asking me, which App to use for displaying the PDF. In Settings->Apps I selected Seafile, stopped the App, deleted Cache-Data and Data and started Seafile again from Home Screen.

It asked me which account to use. My account was still there and I wondered why that data was not deleted. I selected my account and Seafile started without asking me for a password. I opened a PDF and it worked as it should.


Can you try with this new one: ?

Best regards

Customer feedback looks fine so far.

We have a problem when copying files (even if just one) from an unencrypted library to an encrypted library. The error is UNKOWN STATUS CODE but as far as I know this should not be possible at all, right?(@daniel.pan Also see my last mail about the app feedback).

Sorry for the late feedback. The SD card issue is solved with 2.1.16. There was a single crash after update, but I could not reproduce it.

Thank you very much.

Copying files from an unecnrypted library to an encrypted library is not supported.

OK, so is it possible to disable the option to do so in the app if it wont work? This confuses users.

Ok. We will fix the issue.

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