Android client crashes when text file viewer doesn't like content of file

(using apk version 2.2.8 )

When I open a file using the android client sometimes the client crashes when the text viewer tries to open the file. This depends on the content of the file. For example a file called test.txt containing 2 lines looking like below will always crash the client. If I rename the file so the viewer does not attempt to open it then it all works fine.

Sample file containing just these 2 lines (unix file).:

We will look into the problem.

We can’t reproduce the problem. Can you send me the exact file?

Happy to, but where do I send it? I can’t find a way to attach a file to this forum.

You can send the file to

Best regards

Okay, 2 files attached:

  • test43.txt crashes the app
  • test46.txt (very similar content) opens in the viewer without crashing, but shows corrupted data

This is not a typical “text” file of course, but I do have a lot of text files which include little line drawings made up from these sorts of characters. I took one of these files and deleted 90% of the content in an attempt to find if there was a particular character sequence that was causing the crashes. I couldn’t find it, but this little 2 line file always causes a crash.