Android client crashes with .txt files

In a library I have a bunch of files with various extension. When viewing the list of files in the Seafile client if I click on a name the app first downloads the file (unless it is already downloaded to the client) then I generally get a pop up with android offering me a number of possible apps to open the file.

For example if I click on a .pdf file I get offered Google PDF reader or something else to open the file. If I click on a .html file I get a choice of browsers, or if only 1 browser is installed it just opens the file in that browser.

If I have a file name with no extension android presents me with a long list of apps to choose from.

However, if I click on a .txt file the seafile app just crashes. Checking with a file explorer I can see the app crashes before downloading the file, and never gets as far as offering an app to view the .txt file.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this s bug?

I’m using Seafile version 2.1.6 on two Android 6.01 devices plus another on 4.3 with identical result.

Same pb with app in 2.16 (LG G4 - Android 6.0) with Seafile server 6.0.5


I just tried Nginx in replacement to Apache and update to Seafile 6.0.6 and there’s no more problem
With Apache and Seafile 6.0.6 the pb is back again.

I have another server with Apache and Seafile 6.0.6 and the pb isn’t present.

  • Raspbian jessie :
    Apache 2.4.10 : ok
    Nginx 1.6.2 : ok

  • Raspbian wheezy :
    Apache 2.2.22 : ko
    Nginx 1.2.1 and 1.6.2 : ok

A new version 2.1.7 with a fix for the problem is ready.

thanks a lot daniel.pan

Confirming 2.1.7 fixed the problem for me. Many thanks.