Android client image and video previews won't work


I’m running Seafile Pro 9.0.15 deployed as a docker container without https behind Nginx Reverse Proxy which handles the ssl encryption.
Everything works like a charm, but when I add the https address as a server on the Android app and browse my librarys no thumbnails will show and I can’t view images or videos in the integrated viewer (just a black screen). Download/upload works fine.
Mobile Website or iOS apps do not have this problem. But when I change the server address inside the android app to the local IP of the installation without https thumbnails will show and the integrated viewer works.

Configuration I made to solve this problem:

  • changed SERVICE_URL and FILE_SERVER_ROOT in admin webinterface to match the https server address
  • changed SERVICE_URL and FILE_SERVER_ROOT in to match the https server address
  • changed SEAFILE_SERVER_HOSTNAME inside docker-compose.yml to the https server hostname
  • changed server_name in seafile.nginx.conf to https server hostname

Problem still persists. Only thing changed is that downloading and uploading via the local ip address stopped working because of the changed addresses.

Is there anything I am missing?

Just got the solution by chance:

I needed to reload the SSL-certificate in Nginx Proxy Manager, including the intermediate certificate. Now everything works.