Android Client is creating huge amount of traffic


I just saw that one of my users (android 7, latest client) created >20 GB of traffic on a 50 MB big library.

When I had a look into the logs I found a couple of these messages every minute in the log:
[10/04/16 06:49:18] repo-op.c(2925): Passwd for repo [guid removed] is not set.

How can I fix this?


Perhaps the client is continuously retrying to upload some large video? The upload could be interrupted when the network is not good.

mmm, I don’t think so. As I said, the library is only 50 MB big and also the client managed to push 20 GB in 2 or 3 nights. The connection is not a problem. It must be something else.

This is really bad, if the client is continuing to create such traffic it means that seafile is not working for me.

From the log message, the client is constantly trying to upload to upload a file to an encrypted library.

Can you try one of the following method:

  1. See what file is being uploading via the file uploading/downloading list, and cancel the uploading.

  2. Turn on local encryption and decryption for encrypted libraries in the settings, then visit the library in the Android client and entering the password.

I probably had opened in this forum a topic showing the same symptoms similar to what is discussed here.

So is the advice on local encryption helping here? I’d appreciate to understand more on server vs. local encryption in the context of this huge network data consumption.

The problem is caused by the server only remember the password for one hour. With local encryption, the client will remember the password and encrypted files before uploading to the server. So the server side is no longer related to the issue. It is a by-pass instead of a solution.

after reviewing the clients behavior for a while I think I have the same problem as @Golf. Sadly until the bug is fixed I have to uninstall it. Thanks for the help!