Android client seems to have changed download location making all interaction with other apps impossible


Seadroid changed downloading files from /Seafile to /Android/data/com.seafile.seadroid2 in some of the previous releases. This changes things drastically since files in the /Android/data directory cannot be accessed from other applications by principle! Therefore files stored in Seafile can’t be viewed/edited/used trough other apps in android (the exception being exporting files which can’t be done with directories or directory trees).
This is a big problem for me, because I need to download whole directories in Android and then access them through external apps (e.g. my scientific literature library).

Proposed solution:
Please change the default directory to /Android/media/com.seafile.seadroid2 or /Seafile or even better give the user the freedom to choose.

Thanks for your help!
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Noticed the same. This is indeed an issue. You can downgrade to 2.2.31 which was the last fully working version, at least for me.

This is an importing issue to be addressed, it basically makes the android version unusable.

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maxiaoping committed a patch which was merged 3 hours ago (ModifyCachePath #891) which was merged 3 hours ago. Just wait for release 2.2.36.
Thank you very much!


I can at least edit the documents again, still need to test it further. But the cache folder remains within the android folder instead of the root of storage as it used to be. At least it has been moved to the media folder within android which makes it accessible by other apps. Is there a reason for this? I would very much prefer to keep it at its previous location at the root of storage.

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