Android client: sync of photos stopped


All be ok with Android client during year, but 2 days ago Android Client lay of and stops sync my photo\video with the server. New photo and video are not uploaded to server.

Connection in client is ok, account is ok. Settings is ok (wifi and mobile data checked, selected albums, library…). There is enough space at server, etc.
But all new photo content is ignored.

What problem can be?
Have Android client log files?

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Same thing here, photo uploads are marked as Failed with no hint as to what could be wrong. Add to that the fact that the app stops with a fatal error at least once a day, it stutters when you start to select more than 50 files, halts when trying to view photos over 5MB, and you conclude that the client app for Android is a frustrating mess. But hey! You get what you pay for (unless you pay an insane amount for the Pro edition of the server).

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Seems they only occur on version 2.4. I’m still on version 2.1 and everything works.

Auto sync of photos in the Android client has never been stable for me. I have moved to using the Foldersync app and syncing over webdav.

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Camera uploads only fail when the certificate used by the server is signed by a root CA installed on the user store. A temporary solution would be to switch to certificates emitted by Let’s Encrypt, if possible.