Android client synching old files


my mobile client behaves strangely:

When I open an Excel-file on my phone, edit it and save it, it gets synched and on my Desktop the latest version is being downloaded. So far so good.

But when I now change the same file on my Desktop, it gets overwritten with the status of the last mobile save after some time. When looking at the log of the file it says that it was updated e.g. an hour ago even through the status is much older.

So it seems like the mobile client is synching back an old status (I couldnt find out yet WHEN this happens or WHAT a trigger might be).

All answers are much appreciated. Thanks already!

I’m on Android, using app version 2.1.11.

I have the exact same issue with the Android client 4.1, and Seahub/Seafile 6.0.3 behind an nginx https proxy. The android client will download files, then ignore any future updates on the Web UI or desktop side and eventually overwrite the files with the older versions. The only way to stop it from doing this is to go into the Android client settings and clear the cache after every file modification.