Android - large uploads are failing

I noticed that a 120MB video was failing to upload via the camera instant upload feature, while smaller files were doing fine. I found a 150 MB file and attempted to upload it manually via the “Add” section of the app into the root of my “My Files” library, and that too is also failing. In both cases, the uploads will get all the way to 100% and then report “Failed” and start over.

When looking at the server side logs I am not seeing anything logged as to the reasons for the failure.

What can I begin looking at as to why this is failing? This is on latest Android app in Android 7.1.1, and server version is 6.0.8 under CentOS 7.3 x86_64.

Thank you!

Nevermind, this was being caused by Cloudflare. Apparently the Android app doesn’t do chunked uploads, and Cloudflare has a 100MB upload limit.

Removing the site from Cloudflare allowed the Android app to begin uploading files larger than 100MB successfully.

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