Android Seafile Client & MS Office for Android - opening file in 'read-only' mode


I am using Android v8.0 on a Samsung S9+ smartphone and have installed the latest version of the Seafile client. From the smartphone the Seafile Client connects to my server without any problems and I can access both encrypted and unencrypted libraries. Furthermore, the Samsung smartphone also has Microsoft’s (free) Office installed, which works problem-free on its own.

But if I now access a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file via the Android Seafile Client, it will only be opened in read-only mode. Microsoft Office for Android offers me to save the file and edit it afterwards. The modified file will then be stored somewhere on the Android drive and will not be synchronized back to the Seafile server. It does not matter whether I access an encrypted or a non-encrypted library. Alternatively Microsoft Office offers to save the file on OneDrive, Dropbox or Box. So in principle there seems to be the possibility to save from Word, Excel and PowerPoint to a cloud storage service. Only unfortunatly Seafile doesn’t show up as my cloud storage.

Is this a known problem? Or is this really a restriction of the Seafile Client for Android? Is there a way to simply open a Microsoft Office file using the Seafile Client for Android, edit it and then save it directly to my private Seafile Server? If I remember correctly, it had already worked for me on an older mobile phone. But what kind of configuration change did I make here so that this could no longer be done?



This is a microsoft limitation. They want to you to have to use there cloud service onedrive.
its a pain !

The joke is, it worked before and within the last year or something like that they’ve blocked it. I’ve to save the file locally and upload it afterwards using the Seafile App, since.

All this doesn’t really sound encouraging to use Microsoft Office applications in combination with Seafile under Android. I too can remember that it was once possible to open an Office document directly from the Seafile Client - and especially to save it after modification without any additional detours.

Do you know another Office application under Android which harmonizes with the Seafile Client and makes it possible to open an Office document, modify it and then save it directly to the Seafile Cloud without any luxations (yes, I’ve always done this way via the Seafile Client Upload before)?



Interesting I was never able to use office “locally”

In my opinion this is a Issue in the Android Seafile Client.
On seadroid GitHub there is an Issue #691 similar to that problem.

App Version 2.1.13 still work for me with Android 8 and latest MS Word App.

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So you mean that with the old seafile client on Android you can open a word file from seafile through the seafile app, edit and save it in one go?
That would be nice, but I don’t believe it really