Android: Seafile-client stopped after updating Android


a customer reported that the Seafile client stopped working after upgrading a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to Android 5.0.2. (build: LRX22G.P905XXUABPG2).

Instead of the main screen of the client, a message »Seafile halted« (Seafile angehalten) is displayed. Reinstalling the client did not change anything. The problem first occurred with version 2.1.3 of the client, but did not change after an upgrade to 2.1.4.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Update 14:12 (MEST): Another customer reported the same behaviour. But this time a downgrade to 2.1.3 solved the problem.

Hi Thomas,

It is a bug caused by recent added feature of creating libraries at the Android client. This bug only occur on tablets.

The fixed version could be downloaded from or from Google Play.

Hi Danial,

thank you very much for fixing the error that fast! :slight_smile:
Both customers reported that the problems vanished after installing version 2.1.5.

Thanks again


The same problem with mobile recorder on Android.