Anyone running Seafile 9 (or older) in CentOS 7?

Anyone running Seafile 9 (or older) in CentOS 7?
If yes, Could anybody share experience on how to install. Thanks.

I used to run Seafile (from version 6 to version 9) on CentOS 7. Now it’s on AlmaLinux 8, which is quite similar. Both version CE and Pro. I install it using ansible, with the following role : ansible-roles/seafile at master - ansible-roles - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea
(if not using ansible, you can still have a look at the tasks and templates and do the same manually)

My knowledge in Linux is minimal: I can follow detailed instructions, happy to read some articles and explanations.
I have VPS on CentOS7 with Directadmin. I am very worry as in many articles is mentioned about Seafle: “run on a fresh installation only and should never be run on a production server, otherwise, you could lose valuable data”. I do not want to mess up other services on server.
Can you able to provide more detailed installation’s steps? Thank you.

Here is the turiel with Docker install, but with older Seafile version DirectAdmin + Seafile Configuration - Russel Taylor's Website