Anyone tired to compile seafile client on Windows?

I’ve tried to compile the seafile client on Windows platform, but I didn’t find any document.
Have anyone finished compile on windows??
Please help!

Any suggestion will be appreciated, please…


is there any new information about windows client source? I want to modify it to support touch screen.

Well the source code is available on GitHub:
It uses the Cmake build system.

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Is this source code for windows?

It’s the same for all platforms

Thank you! But how to build a windows-client?

I’m sorry you all guys,

but I do not understand why you all want to compile (or even modify) the Seafile Client on Windows when you aren’t even able to find the repository yourself and can’t figure out how to build it yourself.

Your better off using the provided packages and installers.

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Thanks Reply !

we just want change the program’s name and icon; On the other hand we think the official’s client is a little ugly, so we want modify it. Before modify it we shoud try to compile.

Can you tell me : 1、 (QT5 and cmake) shoud we use one or two all need?
2、 On the Linux platform can compile windows-client ?


I’m wondering if this could help:

Yeah i know it*s for linux but i think this will be easier in the end.
Just need all of the dependencies and build configurations.

and the 2nd one is a script:

Im also trying to do my first successful build but im not in hurry with this :slight_smile:
Currently trying to do all of this within VM’s.
Let me know whether this helped or not^^