[Apache + HTTPS + Raspbian] Timeout outside of local network

Followed the installation guide for Seafile on Raspbian with HTTPS and Apache.
The server works fine, the local client works fine and web client also, but only when using local network IP.
I get a time out when trying to access web client using public IP.
Android mobile app loop on asking me if I trust my certificate.

If you want to access your Raspi from the internet you have two options:

1.) VPN, if your router supports it.
2.) Port forwarding

Without this kind of configuration all access to your local network is blocked by your router.
btw, normally your public IP changes from time to time, which makes it necessary, that you have to configure DynDNS additionally to access your router from the internet.


would you be so kind to share the link to the installation guide for Seafile on Raspbian with HTTPS and Apache you mention above.


@FelixPQ You can follow the official installation manual for Linux - here

Follow Vertex link. Also when dowloading source for Raspbian to compile it check if you use Wheezy or Jessie.

@Vertex & @Islandil,

If I understand correctly, I’ll have to compile all of this… I didn’t expect a prompt response so installed the windows version just to get a feel of it and I realized Seafile looks very similar to own or nextcloud. Though I’m not sure any of these do encryption at the source, the main reason I’m here. The second goal I’d like to achieve is a Web browser only application on any device. That would be worth while to compile a bunch of apps. I have a raspberry pi 3 and a 5 Tb usb drive, I know it’s not a Ferrari but for only a few gigabyte at a time for no more than 2 or 3 user in total, it should be plenty enough. Currently I am running Raspbian Pixel and I installed Apache2 + Let’s encryption certificates + webdav.

Question: Should I start over from scratch?
Question: If the PI is to small, any suggestions?

Maybe you should create your own topic.

@FelixPQ I got a Raspi 2 and 3 too, but I do not run Seafile on them, but openHAB for my home automation :slight_smile: - as you already said the USB interface is pretty slow for a storage solution, but it is not a big deal I think. I am using a hosted VServer for my Seafile installation, it is pretty cheap and got many advantages over a home server solution (own domain, own e-mail server, fast backbone etc.) I think you do not have to start from the scratch, but it is always a good idea to keep the Raspbian installation slim and simple e.g. you need no Pixel desktop.

I have to say, I like the Seafile UI more than the nextclould UI, nevertheless I am running nextclould on my server at the moment, because of the annoying Apache bug.
For source encryption I can recommend you Cryptomator - like Seafile it is a great piece of software.

Just so you know I’ve read your posts and I appreciate you feedback. I’m sorry, I realized that what I want, I already have most of it. The only exception is a secure simple client to download / upload files such that family members with little to no knowledge of all this could just click here and there to save files on my drive, especially, if not only, to backup photos from mobile devices.

Thanks you again