API writes only to library's root

Recently updated from seafile 6.x.x to 10.0.1.
Everything worked great approximately during a month. Unfortunately just recently discovered that API is somehow broken.
The thing is that now it only allows to upload a file to library’s root. Is there is more complicated path i just receive an error:
seafileapi.exceptions.ClientHttpError: ClientHttpError[404: Expected 200, but get 404]
In addition we are using SeaDrive client and web access and it works as usual. Sadly enough API is now unavailable. I use API with the library’s owner credentials. Took a thorough look at RW rights in web interface but for no good, as far as i can tell all rights are present.
If someone ran across such problem, i would really appreciate if you can give me a hint or even a solution to this problem.

Hi everyone!
Finally our devs figured this out. Apparently python lib is no longer a thing since Web Api was upgraded to the new version. Now everything should be done directly through it.