App crashes on Android Oreo when clicking the little down arrow to share / renamed / file or directory

On a Pixel 2 , Seafile crashes whenever the little arrow is pressed either by a directory or file. The little arrow usually lets you share rename a file.

I let a crash report be submitted via google if you have access to that information.

Apart from that and the app crashed first time it was launched it appears to be working ok

Any one else sen this issue

Please search before creating new topics.

I did, and i saw that post, this error is different, how can i click the share arrow is sea file crashes immediately on launch,

This issues still exists with seafile app version 2.2.0 on my Nexus 5x with Android Oreo.

I know this is because its a different issue, but i think the comment from holantomas put people off from looking into this, as they believed i did not search the forum first.

How can this bug be fixed ?

Please, create issue on github. Please try provide there logcat and other info for faster debuging.

The issue is fixed for me with the new version 2.2.1

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks good, just tried the latest update